Festool LR 32-SYS

 Modification for use with OF1400 Router


Bill Esposito

15 March 2006



The LR 32-Sys hole drilling system, was design for the smaller OF1010 router but it can be easily modified for use with the OF1400.  Here's how (click on any photo to enlarge).


Out of the box the sled is designed to fit the OF1010.  What needs to be changed is the way the router attaches to it.  In the photo at left you see two knobs which secure "T" shaped washers.  These washers fit the OF1010 base but not the OF1400.

What we want to do is end of like the photo at left.  We have to remove the included washers and make a pair for use with the OF1400.  I found that 3/4" MDF was perfectly sized for this task.


I used MDF because its 3/4" thickness was just right for the OF1400 base.  I wanted the washer to be just a bit thinner than the base of the router (photo at right) so when the knob was tightened it would cinch down on the base but not cock too much so as to mess up the threads. 


To make the washers I cut about 1.25 inch square blocks from the MDF and drilled a 6mm (7/32nd) hole in the blocks about a quarter inch from one side.


To fit them, and you want a snug fit.  First install the centering mandrel into the router (pic left) and sit it on the sled without the MDF washers installed.

Next you just need to fit the MDF washers to the assembly.  What I did was remove material from the washer using the roller part of my stationary belt sander which had the added benefit of producing a concave surface which fits nicely against the base.  Just remove a little at a time until you get it right.



And that's it.  Now you're ready to route some holes.



Copyright 2006, Bill Esposito.
All Rights Reserved.